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Bankers Box 96503 Corrugated CD/Disk Storage - Internal Dimensions: 5.60"" Width x 13.50"" Depth x 6"" Height - External Dimensions: 6.8"" Width x 15"" Depth x 6.3"" Height - White Black - Disc/Diskette Storage CD/DVD - 1 Each - Manufacturer: Bankers Box - Mfg Part Number: 96503 - Condition: New - Packaging: Retail...
"Bankers Box 96503,077511965036,Bankers Box 96503 Corrugated CD/Disk Storage - Internal Dimensions: 5.60" Width x 13.50" Depth x 6" Height - External Dimensions: 6.8" Width x 15" Depth x 6.3" Height - White Black - Disc/Diskette Storage CD/DVD - 1 Each"
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