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  • KEYWORDS: Platinum Color Alloy Initial Slide Charms with Grade A Rhinestones, Letter.W, 12~13x8~13x4~5mm, Hole: 8x2mm
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Platinum Color Alloy Initial Slide Charms with Grade A Rhinestones, Letter.WSize: about 12~13mm long, 8~13mm wide, 4~5mm thick, hole: 8x2mm.Shining alphabet metal slide charms with a wide big hole. It is typically used for sliding. Any threads or wide cords would be available....
Platinum Color Alloy Initial Slide Charms with Grade A Rhinestones, Letter.W, 12~13x8~13x4~5mm, Hole: 8x2mm
Tags: connectors, cheap connectors, sets of love charms alloy rhinestone initial letter slide charm fit bracelets of women belt, lead free & nickel free, platinum.
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